All medical students (Undergraduate and Post graduate) graduating from KIMS are entitled to become members of the association.

Membership fees

  1. All members are required to pay a membership fee, the amount of which will be determined by the executive committee.
  2. The membership fee is subject to revision at the discretion of the executive committee from time to time
  3. At present the membership fee is Rs 750/-

Donor member

  1. The executive committee shall be empowered to invite Alumni and alumnae to become donor members of the association on payment of R 10,000/-. This amount is subject to revision by the executive committee from time to time
  2. The names of such donor members shall be published in the annual bulletin of the association.
  3. The names of such members shall be entered in a roll of honour displayed at alumni office.
  4. Donor members shall receive the regular publication/bulletins of the association at no cost.
  5. These members shall also be permanent invitees to all functions of the association

Patron Member

  1. The Principal of the medical college, shall be the patron of the association
  2. The Patron shall assist and advise the association and the executive committee in working towards the objectives of the association.
  3. The Patron shall be permanent invitee to all functions of the association.
  4. All proposed amendments to the constitution shall be communicated to the patron atleast 21 days in advance for his advice

Expulsion of member

  1. Any member, who acts in a manner which is detrimental to the aims and objectives of the association, may be expelled at a meeting of the general body.
  2. Such a member shall be given a show cause notice and atleast 21 days to submit an explanation
  3. This shall be reviewed by the executive committee and appropriate action recommended shall be placed before the general body.
  4. The member shall be expelled if such an action is approved by 2/3 majority at the general body meeting.


2011165849.gif (1363 bytes)BECOME A MEMBER

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