1. To develop, encourage and foster friendship and fellowship among the students, teachers and management, past and present of Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences.

  2. To preserve and stimulate in past and present students a lively and abiding affection for and interest in alma mater and to keep them aware of the opportunities to contribute actively to her progress.

  3. To promote the aims and ideals of the institution as set out in its prospectus and other relevant literature.

  4. To arrange and conduct scientific, professional, social and cultural programmes for the benefit of members.

  5. To conduct and participate actively in professional public outreach projects such as Health education, rural health schemes, mobile hospital services, specialist camps, medical exhibitions etc.

  6. To assist meritorious and needy medical students by offering scholarships and financial grants.

  7. To assist doctors in rural service and those who plan to pursue higher studies and training.

  8. To participate actively in continuing medical education programmes.

  9. To collect funds for the benefit of the association by way of donations, contributions, aids, membership fees and subscriptions.

  10. To maintain active liaison with foreign and local chapters for mutual benefit, by way of academic and financial assistances.

  11. To do such other acts and things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of these objectives.


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